Yaoi Manga

Tender Night by Tan Kong – Ch. 33 [Eng]

Manhwa: Tender Night
Mangaka: Tan Kong
Language: English

Tender Night Manhwa Plot: Seongwon Choi, assistant manager of the marketing team of a pharmaceutical company, has lived to be recognized by Soobin Choi, the president and mother of the company. In order to be recognized by her mother, who is the dominant alpha, she had to be born with ‘alpha’ in addition to having a perfect appearance. However, Seong-won was born as a beta, and he had to somehow become an alpha, so he secretly receives an alpha pheromone inducer and lives as an avid alpha. Hoping that his traits will one day change into a real alpha— while pretending to be a fake alpha and slowly getting tired of his body and mind, Hansol, a freshman college student who is a bartender he met at a bar he frequents, keeps being kind to Seongwon. Han-sol keeps getting worried about Seong-won, who seems to be in danger, and Seong-won slowly opens his heart to Han-sol’s kindness, but on the other hand, he doesn’t fully trust his heart… ‘Because there is nothing as cruel as kindness without reason.’ A bittersweet omegaverse BL with a mature but scarred older brother and a stupid but friendly younger sister.

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