Private Scandal Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Private Scandal by Totiko – Ch. 67 [Eng]

Manhwa: Private Scandal
Mangaka: Totiko
Language: English

Private Scandal Manhwa Plot: Known as the muse of a renowned designer, Iliyan Moore has achieved almost everything a model could want: celebrity status, money, full bookings…and a reputation as a man-seducing home wrecker. No, scratch that. Iliyan has never wanted this reputation. And above else, it’s completely untrue! Stalked by the paparazzi and harassed by an obsessed boss with a jealous wife, Iliyan is on guard against everyone around him. So, one could only imagine Iliyan’s shock when a dashing young man by the name of Kyle Hackman manages to effortlessly charm his way past his defenses and into his bed on their first meeting… How will Iliyan manage to avoid this scandal?!

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