Tengoku mo Jigoku mo by NISHIDA Higashi
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Tengoku mo Jigoku mo by NISHIDA Higashi [Eng]

Manga: Tengoku mo Jigoku mo; All of Heaven and Hell
Author: NISHIDA Higashi
Language: English

Manga Summary: 1-2.) Tengoku mo Jigoku mo (All of Heaven and Hell)
Himeno and Shirota have been friends since high school, even though their lives have gone in very different directions. They see each other occasionally, but both are wary of revealing secrets about themselves, so their conversations remain superficial. Until a pleading phone call at a crucial moment shows they both know more about each other than suspected.

3-4.) Tengoku mo Jigoku mo -phase 2- (All of Heaven and Hell -phase 2-)
The story of Himeno and Shirota continues.

5.) Hanayome ni Yoroshiku (Please Greet the New Bride)
At the wedding of his former lover, Tomoda makes a horrible gaff, revealing the groom’s (former?) homosexuality to the father of the bride, Noritake-san. Noritake-san seems eager to split the new married couple up, and he is determined to get Tomoda to help him out.

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