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Magic Mail Chocolate by Yuki Ringo – Ch. 3-4 [Eng]

Manga: Magic Mail Chocolate; マジックメールチョコレート; 魔法简讯·巧克力
Mangaka: Yuki Ringo
Language: English

Plot: Ch. 1 – Valentines Day rolls around again and Daisuke knows he won’t receive any chocolate yet again. However, he opens his locker to find chocolate with only a mail address attached. Who gave him the chocolate and why? (Shounen-ai)

Ch. 2 – Kouki who has quite an innocent face, is actually the carnivore type. He fell in love with a herbivore type, who is the owner of the bar (aka Master) he is currently working part-time at. Every day, he tries to attack the Master with every chance he gets and the Master somehow manages to get away every time. However, suddenly receiving a ticket to go to the hot spring, will his chastity be safe this time as well…?! (Yaoi)

Ch. 3 – A story of unreciprocated love and friendship. Honjou with his one-sided love for Miki who in turn bullies him. Satonaka supporting a friend and questioning what love is. (Shounen-ai)

Ch. 4 – An editor and university literature student meet at a cafe over spilled coffee. Finding they share an interest in author Kurusu Takao, they begin meeting regularly to exchange books. The shy, pessimistic editor begins to fall for his cool and calm companion. How does their relationship develop? (Shounen-ai)

Magic Mail Chocolate Chapter 1

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