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Home by Tsuyuki Yuruko – Ch. 3.5 [Eng]

Manga: Home; Home (Tsuyuki Yuruko); ホーム (つゆきゆるこ)
Author: Tsuyuki Yuruko
Language: English

Plot: Tatsumi is an adult and Subaru is a young schoolboy. They had their first meeting in Tatsumi’s garden and became friends since then. After that, Subaru started to come over the cozy house of the lonely adult more often as his parents are too busy for work and can’t have time to look after him. The scene of Tatsumi in Subaru’s mind is somehow irreplaceable that makes him promise to go back to the cozy house from America after Subaru fully grew up as a man. As Tatsumi is not over the playful image of the naive Subaru, he had a hard time getting used to the fact that he loves Subaru as an adult. Will Tatsumi house be the last destination of this relationship and become the real home for both of them?

Home (Tsuyuki Yuruko) Chapter 1

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