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Risou no Koibito by Madarame Hiro [Eng]

Manga: Risou no Koibito; Furueru Te no Saki; Ideal Lover; Risou no Yuuwaku; Temptation of an Ideal; 理想の恋人
Mangaka: Madarame Hiro
Language: English

Plot: In the Risou no Koibito series:
V.1 – Risou no Koibito (Ideal Lover)
Riku suffered a traumatizing experience after coming out and has since chosen to avoid love. That is until the super-confident and dominating pretty-boy, Yoshimi, walks into his life. He deliberately targets Riku’s weaknesses, but what are his true intentions?

This is a story of discipline, guidance and affection that fills both the heart and body of the handsome and brutish Yoshimi and the naturally timid Riku.

6. Furueru Te no Saki (Before Trembling Hands)
They were friends in high school. Now that they are university students, Kou and Ichi have become a pair of rather dysfunctional lovers. Kou enjoys making Ichi jealous and often keeps him at arm’s length. But what will Kou do now that a new kid has captured Ichi’s gaze?

V.2 – Risou no Yuuwaku (Temptation of an Ideal)

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