Night Song Manhwa Cover
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Night Song by Ananas – Ch. 12 & Announcement [ENG]

Manhwa: Night Song
Mangaka: Ananas
Language: English (by Mokumoku Guimi Scans)

Night Song Manhwa Summary: Jae-shin, who was banished from his world for committing the crime of messing with causality. There is only one way for him to return to the underworld, and that is to win over a human’s heart. Appearing in front of Jae-shin, who doesn’t believe in human emotions, is the Crown Prince, Nok, who is heartbroken from a long one-sided love. Jae-shin gets curious about Nok… “There it is. A foolish idiot whose affections are not returned.”

Note: This is a fan translation, uncensored. The rest of the story, official, can be read here: The Ghost’s Nocturne by Ananas/ C.R Jade [Eng]

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