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Renai Junkie by Tohjoh Asami [Eng]

Manga: Renai Junkie; Addicted to Love; 恋愛ジャンキー (東城麻美)
Author: Tohjoh Asami
Language: English

Renai Junkie
Haruki was betrayed by his girlfriend Kiyuka and his best friend Ikeda. After retreating from them, he starts to become friends with Atsushi, one of the most popular guys in school. After a conversation with Atsushi, he realizes the mistakes he made. He reconciles with Ikeda and accepts his relationship with Kiyuka. Atsushi who eavesdropped on their conversation offers to take care of Haruki. They become very close and Haruki realizes that he’s fallen in love with Atsushi. How will their relationship develop?

Arata and Yoshiki are childhood friends. Yoshiki had an accident when he was still a kid, his genitalia did not develop after that and he cannot get an erection or ejaculate. The two friends have feelings for each other but things get messy when they start to explore them…

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