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Pathos by Sadahiro Mika – Vol 01 [Eng]

Manga: Pathos – Volume 1; Pathos (Sadahiro Mika); パトス
Author: Sadahiro Mika
Language: English

Plot: Ace, a human teenager, has been raised by King and Jay, vampires who have lived an eternal lifetime. As he grows up, he became attracted to Jay and Jay also comes to yearn strongly for Ace’s blood. King and Jay, afraid that their secret will be exposed, decide to send Ace away to a boarding school. But when Ace finds that out, he wishes to be a vampire like them.
Sadahiro Mika’s Gothic love story about the growth of a teenager who’s raised up by vampires and the feeling of a vampire who live in eternal life.

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Pathos (Sadahiro Mika) Chapter 1

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