Red Beryl ni Sayonara Manga
Yaoi Manga

Red Beryl ni Sayonara by Michinoku Atami – Ch. 5-6 [Eng]

Manga: Red Beryl ni Sayonara; Good Bye, Red Beryl; レッドべリルにさよなら; 对赤红绿柱石说声再见
Author: Michinoku Atami
Language: English

Plot: Since childhood, Akihito has been convinced of his own worthlessness. One day, as he’s on the verge of giving up on life altogether, a stranger steps in to save him: Kazushige, a vampire who has been living alone for a long time. Akihito is touched by Kazushige’s actions and begins to visit him frequently, but after that initial moment of kindness the other man always treats him coldly, attempting to drive him away at any possible moment. But Akihito will not be deterred, for he has finally found something that may lend meaning to his existence.

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