1 en no Otoko (Man of 1 Yen) by Monden Akiko
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1 en no Otoko (Man of 1 Yen) by Monden Akiko [Eng]

Manga: 1 en no Otoko; Man of 1 Yen
Author: Monden Akiko
Language: English

Plot: 1) What are You Looking for?
A very rude but good looking banker named Ryo Masaki seeks the help of poor detective Keisuke Sanjo. This is the first client that he has seen in a very long time… what could he need?

2) Man of One Yen
Continuation of chapter 1.

3) Without Lending and Borrowing
Kanji is in love with Ume who can’t seem to say no when it comes to women. After yet another breakup the two go out drinking together and Kanji decides that it’s time to make his move on Ume.

4) Something of a Sore Loser
Continuation of chapter 3.

5) Debauchery and Villainy
Kyouichi (Bon) the runaway successor of a Yakuza group told Kijima “If you hold me right now, i’ll go back with you.”

6) Secret Body
Continuation of chapter 1 & 2.

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