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Ouji no Hakobune by ENJIN Yamimaru [Eng]

Manga: Ouji no Hakobune; An Ark of the Prince; Cage of Eternity
Author: ENJIN Yamimaru
Language: English

1) An Ark of the Prince

2) The Direction Of The Ark

3) Treasure

4) Cage Of Eternity
Tomoyuki seeks revenge for the games Shibata played with his sister. Thus begins the Master and Pet game, but Shibata may have become too accustomed to the role Tomoyuki forced upon him.

5) Love Chocolate
A short sequel to Cage of Eternity where Shibata only wants one thing for Valentine’s Day: Tomoyuki.

6) Wild Sons
As the sole heir of Flanagan, Vincent was to take on his father’s role in maintaining the peace in a small town. He’d never expected Luke, the man who inherited his father’s name and a share of his father’s legacy. Will Vincent acknowledge Luke as his brother and someone with equal rights to Flanagan’s inheritance or will Luke die before he accomplished his sole purpose in that town?

7) Music At The Break Of Dawn

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