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Kafuka Koufukuron by Haruichi [Eng]

Manga: Kafuka Koufukuron; Yes No Happiness; Theory of a Possible Happiness; 可不可幸福論
Mangaka: Haruichi
Language: English

Plot: A 5 million debt suddenly befalls on cash-strapped student, Kamijou Yuuki.
It’s because of his father that he went through many hardships, and he goes to drink in desperation but…

When he comes to, he’s on a bed full of ¥10,000 bills and a half naked man――?!

After waking up, the man even says “I’ll give you the money”.
Confused, Yuuki escapes and goes home, but he re-encounters the mysterious man, Nao.

“I’ll give you the money, so let’s have sex. Think of it as physical labor.” Nao says, but what does Yuuki do…?