Nothing but a Number Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Nothing but a Number by Anne / Mambo – Ch. 38 [Eng]

Manhwa: Nothing but a Number; Does My Age Matter!?; Is My Age a Problem!?; Qu’importe l’âge; What About My Age; What’s Wrong With My Age
Mangaka: Anne, Jamongsoda, Mambo, Pigon-tokki
Language: English

Nothing but a Number Manhwa Plot: What’s age when it comes to true love? For Seung-oh, his age is becoming quite the concern. Twelve years older than his boyfriend, even the ten years they’ve already spent together seems to fade away in the shadows of his anxiety over aging. Hyeonwoo, meanwhile, couldn’t care less that he’s dating a much older man. His most important concern is the clear change in his partner, and the effect it’s having on their sex life. Determined to show Seung-oh that he’s just as desirable as ever, Hyeonwoo embarks on an adventure of intimacy, sexuality, and affection. Because after all, when it comes to love, age is nothing but a number.

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