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Koi no Tsubo by MIZUKAMI Shin [Eng]

Manga: Koi no Tsubo; Love’s Pressure Point
Author: MIZUKAMI Shin
Language: English
Plot: The solution to all love problems is sex.” So prescribes Doctor Meishuu to his love sick patients. But when a patient confesses his love for the dear Doctor, can Doctor Meishuu still continue to stand by his philosophy?

A series of one-shots with the recurring character of Doctor Meishuu.
Sonkai, Meishuu’s friend, falls for a patient’s grandson. Sonkai approaches the elegant young Suisei and befriends him… but suddenly, both he and his grandfather stop showing up at the clinic. Meishuu suggests they pay the old man and his grandson a visit and, determined to be with Suisei, Sonkai agrees. But who is this young woman with the old man, and why is there talk about a marriage?! Is Sonkai’s chance slipping away?

Meishuu will pretty much sleep with anything that walks… he’s not picky about gender or position. Why? The root of all problems in love, of course – a heartbreaking first love. When a young martial arts student is introduced to Meishuu by Suisei, he is reminded of his first love. But the young Getsuei is not going to give his beautiful butterfly-like Meishuu up that easily…

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