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Gensou Shounen Koimonogatari by HIMAWARI Souya [Eng]

Manga: Gensou Shounen Koimonogatari; Yaoi Fairy Tales; 幻想少年恋物語
Author: HIMAWARI Souya
Language: English

1) Beauty and the Beast
It is almost like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. But this story is a little bit different. There is a man with 2 daughters and a beautiful youngest son. The son’s name is Belle. One day, the father went out to town for business. He got the daughters’ presents except the son. Then, suddenly he saw an extraordinary rose and pluck it for his son’s present. A beast came out and shouted…if you want your life to be spared, bring your youngest son to this castle… The man had no choice but to ask his son to go to the castle. Will Belle go to the castle?

2) Glass Pen (Penderella)
Once upon a time there was a mangaka’s assistant (slave)… you can guess where this is going can’t you? Penderella dreams of being a mangaka, but his mangaka (step-mother) boss is never satisfied with his work. One day there is a mangaka ball, but Penderella is strictly told he cannot go unless he finishes all his ‘chores’ in time…

3) Fox and the Monk
A little fox fairy is flawed at human transformation, always keeping both ears and tail. One day he tries to trick a traveller with his transformation but fails, yet brashly says ‘im the strongest fox fairy’. The traveller, recently cheated by a greedy monk asks the little fox to prove it – and so delivers the little fox to the greedy monk.

4) Artist and the Thief
A little boy loves to tell lies, often crying wolf to the villages. Only one day he see’s a group of bandits ready to raid the village, yet when he tries to tell the villagers they all ignore him. However, one of the bandits overhears him and kidnaps him! But the bandit leader, upon seeing the boy, decides to cancel the raid… what does the bandit have planned?

5) My Treasure
A young boy scientist (Bill) creates a replica of his father named Jack. He teaches Jack how to talk and perform tasks, yet somehow when he says the word ‘Love’ Jack sweeps Bill off his feet and into bed leaving Bill to wonder where on earth Jack learned such a thing!

6) Snow White + Snow White Conclusion

7) Alladin

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