My Enemy's Proposal Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

My Enemy’s Proposal by Leec [Eng]

Manhwa: My Enemy’s Proposal; One Day, I Was Proposed to My Enemy
Mangaka: Leec
Language: English

My Enemy’s Proposal Manhwa Plot: Having to work with someone who goes out of their way to annoy you is trying, to say the least. Nox Perses doesn’t understand why Allon Hemera is so bent on making his life miserable. The captain of the Edelfelt knights is charming, gentle, and affable with everyone apart from Nox. To make matters worse, Allon also refuses to remember the magical night the two spent together a few years ago, even though Nox adamantly believes that it was a night no one could forget. Still, now that the war is over, Nox is looking forward to not staring at his enemy’s face. Little does he know about the proposal Allon will spring on him…

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