Monthly Chest
Yaoi Manga

Monthly Chest by Red Peach – Uncensored – Ch. 47 [Eng]

Manhwa: Monthly Chest
Mangaka: Red Peach
Language: English

Monthly Chest Manhwa Plot: A feeling of volume that fits in both hands, smooth surface, pinkish shiny bumps… the 1st of every month a new heart that suits your taste will be found. Monthly Chest September Issue – Raisin Intensive Care Room Jisoo has a lot of troubles with her bigger chest than others. he goes to the hospital with anxiety that there may be something wrong with his body… Monthly Chest October- An Island to Become a Real Man Andrew got into an accident during flight training. After being in distress on an unknown island, he is greeted strongly by the natives… Monthly Chest November- Striker Becomes Goal Intern reporter Lee Jae-yeon who interviewed sports star Kim Gun-woo. I witness the reversal of the player who has only lost talent in Inseong Bottom…

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