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Kozure Ookami by INOUE Satou [Eng]

Manga: Kozure Ookami; Kodure Ookami; Kodzure Ookami; Kotsure Ookami (INOUE Satou); Lone Wolves and Cubs; Two Wolves and Their Sons; 子連れオオカミ; 帶子狼
Author: INOUE Satou
Language: English

Plot: On the same day two men, each divorced and with a child, moved into the top and bottom of an apartment. Facing the same circumstances, they hit it off right away, and found themselves in a relationship visiting each other?s home often. But one night, due to a situation(?) blamed on alcohol, their friendship took a perilous turn?!?

Endorphin Machine (Adapted From)
Ookami no Ketsuzoku (Sequel)

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