Love for Sale Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Love for Sale by Dal Hyeon Ji – Season 1 [Eng]

Manhwa: Love for Sale
Mangaka: Dal Hyeon Ji
Language: English

Love for Sale Manhwa Plot: “Will this make you happy?” Namwoo wakes up one night to find bills sprawled all over his room – along with the hazy memory of a handsome stranger. Even in his wildest dreams, all Namwoo wants is to have enough money to survive each month. Si-eon, on the other hand, has everything he could ever want except happiness. Intrigued by Namwoo’s humble wishes, Si-eon offers him the money he wants – the catch being, he has to date him.
Love for Sale Manhwa Season 2: Love for Sale by Dal Hyeon Ji – Season 2 [Eng]

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