Yukimura-sensei to Kei-kun
Yaoi Manga

Yukimura-sensei to Kei-kun by KIZU Natsuki [Eng]

Manga: Yukimura-sensei to Kei-kun; Yukimura Sensei to Kei kun
Author: KIZU Natsuki
Language: English

Plot: Yukimura is famous for being ”beautiful.” It’s true that he’s both terribly beautiful and capable… However, he’s also somewhat ferocious. Although Kei is treated coldly by him, he continues to stay over at sensei’s place for spiritual nourishment. (laugh) Kei keeps getting stunned by sensei’s sweet love-struck side, but yet the atmosphere around him freezes when he finds out about sensei’s ex-boyfriend. Will he be able to make such a charming person fall in love with him?!
Also includes “Strangler Fig”, a story about stepbrothers which left a deep impression on readers when it was first serialized in a magazine.

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