Just Something I've Heard Cover
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Just Something I’ve Heard by Onwoozoo/ Seolang [Eng]

Manhwa: Just Something I’ve Heard
Mangaka: Onwoozoo/ Seolang
Language: English

Just Something I’ve Heard Manhwa Plot: Jaehyun has had a huge secret crush on his friend Woojin for the past seven years. But seeing Woojin fall in love with someone else is breaking his heart. Jaehyun tells this all to Seungtae, his online friend who knows all about his secret crush. While on a call with Seungtae, Jaehyun meets a handsome cashier with an oddly familiar voice. Will Jaehyun forever be doomed to talk about his love life like it’s something he’s heard from someone else? Or will he finally find a happier story of his own to tell?

Manhwa sent to us by Bloomingdale! Thanks a lot! 🙂

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