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Otodokemono Desu! by FUDUKI Atsuyo [Eng]

Manga: Otodokemono Desu!
Author: FUDUKI Atsuyo
Language: English

Plot: 1) Otodokemono Desu! (Delivery!)
Competent president Kurokawa is hard to approach because of his fearsome demeanor. But the home delivery worker who brings parcels, Sawada-kun, with his angelic smile, is a soothing existence — he greets Kurokawa with a fearless “Hi there!” Thinking that he wants to somehow get closer to Sawada-kun, what does the president courageously resolve to do!?
A hopeless, wild idea, with a sharp glint in his eye …

2) Amagarai Unmei (Salty-Sweet Destiny)
What will happen to this poor man who’s about to turn 30 when he finds out he was born without the Red String of Fate.

3) Rookie
Sugou always had things easy in life until he meet his co-worker Atou.

4) Futari no Kyoukai-sen no Iro (The Color that Divides Two People)
5) Shiawase no Yakusoku (Promise of Happiness)
6) Kuse ni Narisou na (It Might Become Habit)
Extra) Otodokemono Uketorimashita! (Delivery Received!)

Six works total with the title work included, plus an intense, specially-written love scene!

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