Into the Rose Garden Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Into the Rose Garden by Meg – Uncensored – Ch. 19-20 [Eng]

Manhwa: Into the Rose Garden – Uncensored
Mangaka: Meg; Winterbaum; Gazealle
Language: English

Into the Rose Garden Manhwa Plot: Count Aeroc Teiwind, a youthful aristocrat of noble lineage, finds himself captivated the moment he sees Kloff Bendyke, baron of a small countryside estate. Despite the disparities in their social standings, their wealth, and the unusual circumstance of them both being alphas, Aeroc still boldly professes his affections. However, Kloff chooses to wed one of Aeroc’s kin instead. Consumed by jealousy, Aeroc calls for a harrowing punishment. Reeling from the consequences of Aeroc’s actions, Kloff swears to seek revenge…no matter the cost.

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