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Ibara no Ori by SAKURAGAWA Sonoko [Eng]

Manga: Ibara no Ori; Ibara no Ori – Hakoniwa no Naka no Jiyuu; Cage of Thorns; Cage of Thorns – Freedom in Miniature Garden
Author: SAKURAGAWA Sonoko
Language: English

Plot: Tsurugi met Katsuragi’s father and Tsurugi is afraid senior Katsuragi might do something to the company he manages, Mishima Construction. But young Katsuragi thought Tsurugi wanted a break-up and told Tsurugi he would definitely protect him. Tsurugi always thought that their relationship is purely sexual, without any feelings involved. Now Tsurugi met with some troubles, will Katsuragi keep to his promise to protect him?

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