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Kyoudai no Rule by KANAI Kei – Ch. 3 [Eng]

Manga: Kyoudai no Rule
Mangaka: KANAI Kei
Language: English

Plot: The big brother who loves “rules” and “order,” Aiba Mikage and his loose and rough younger brother, Tomoki. Even though their personalities are opposites of one another, they have always managed to get along for 12 years since their parents’ second marriage. However, when Mikage’s University entrance was decided that winter, their uncontrollable feelings broke the “order” and granted them their own new rules. Under their secret rules, the two violently seek one another. But in the end, the time to separate still came. The erotic and dramatic love of the stepbrothers!

Rule number 1 – Interact with family members naturally.
Rule number 2 – Establish a time limit.
Rule number 3 – Do not cross the last line.
That is our “Rule of brothers.”

Kyoudai no Rule Chapter 1

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