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Entwined by Yuki Matsushita [Eng]

Manga: Entwined
Mangaka: Yuki Matsushita
Language: English

Entwined Manga Plot: Self-made lawyer Yukitoshi Nakaso is reunited with Tomoe Gojou, his former college classmate, in court. After being headhunted by the law firm’s director, Tomoe begins working at the same firm as Yukitoshi. However, after drinking too much at the welcoming party, they return to their office together, where Tomoe passionately gazes at Yukitoshi and makes advances on him. Unable to control himself, Yukitoshi bends Tomoe over and things escalate from there.Can love save the man chained down by his past? This is an office love story between a self-made man and a beautiful son from a rich family who is afraid to love!

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