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Ushirokara Dakishimete by MIZUKAMI Shin [Eng]

Manga: Ushirokara Dakishimete; Embraced From Behind; Love Must Persevere!; うしろから抱きしめて
Author: MIZUKAMI Shin
Language: English

Plot: • Ushirokara Dakishimete (Embraced from Behind)
“If I could beat him, I would become his lover…”. Koichiro believes that the only way he can ever woo his best friend Soji into a relationship is by challenging him with a judo match for love!!

• Sweet Smell
A baseball freak fall in love with the alluring scent of his new tutor.

• Hankonkou
A love triangle between an emperor, the emperor’s faithful minister and the emperor’s dead lover…

• Ai wa Konjou! (Love Must Persevere!)
• Sekai de Ichiban Rich na Honey
• Sekai de Ichiban Happy Honey
The ultra rich Kagura decides to go to an ordinary high school for a year. He will spend whatever it takes to be with his new friend Hayakawa.

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