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Arashi no Ato by HIDAKA Shoko [Eng]

Manga: Arashi no Ato; After a Storm
Author: HIDAKA Shoko
Language: English

Plot: Sakaki, the president of an interior designing company, is determined to never get serious with anyone – fearing the heartache he feels that it is sure to cause.
Much to his discomfort, he realizes that he is beginning to fall in love with his older heterosexual co-worker, Okada.

Sakaki is shocked when he finds himself in Okada’s home one day, with no recollection of how he got there. At first convinced that he did not act out-of-line at any point, Sakaki feels more and more unsure of this as he notices the changes in Okada’s behaviour towards him.

Will this storm that’s brewing on the horizon ever calm down?

(Sakaki also appears as a minor character in Signal, a story set two years prior to the events in “After a Storm”)

Signal by Hidaka Shoko (Prequel)

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