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Shame Application Manhwa
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Shame Application by Fujoking [Eng]

Manhwa: Shame Application; Shame♡Application; Aplicación♡humillante; Aplicativo Humilhante; Dirty♡Vibration; 치욕 어플리케이션; 치욕♡어플리케이션; 치욕♥어플리케이션;应用程序; 恥辱 어플리케이션; 羞耻应用; 羞耻软件
Mangaka: Fujoking
Language: English

Plot: A famous model, Sinnoh, and a former high school classmate, Jiwon, will be bound by an application that would force them to obey, thus being humiliated. Sinnoh downloads a suspicious phone application that is giving the owner of the phone, Jiwon, orders that must be followed immediately. What would you expect from an application that has its own “Life”? How will they assume this humiliation? The warning was not enough!

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