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Yuushitessen no Koi by ANAN Yukako
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Yuushitessen no Koi by ANAN Yukako [Eng]

Manga: Yuushitessen no Koi
Author: ANAN Yukako
Language: English

1) Barbed Wire Love
With the blessing of the wedding bells, Heiji has to bury his feeling to give wishes to Kou senpai and his sister. The love Heiji and Kou had during high school was so pure and innocent until Kou requested a break up. After they met again, everything went wild. The bridegroom and the brother-in-law scandalous meeting in the resting room, what will become of them?

2) I Really Want to See You
When Haru’s best friend Takakazu suddenly confesses and pushes him down, Haru is powerless to fight back, but manages to escapes before the end. But a month of being alone has Haru longing for Takakazu’s gentle company…

3) Sheltering from the Rain
One rainy night super popular high school student Itsumi Shuu suddenly sees geeky student Takai Suguru without his glasses, and is captivated by the strikingly beautiful Takai. With the help of an aphrodisiac Itsumi captures Takai’s body, but what about his heart?

4) Love Level @Beginner
Hairstylist Matsuri and make-up artist Kouta have a dream of opening up a salon together, and have been very close up to now. But now a handsome model is aiming for Matsuri, and Kouta is discovering feelings he never knew he had!

5) Please Whisper in Your Voice
Mizumoto is president of the student morals committee and is always chasing after Honma the constant rule breaker with the golden voice. And although he acts tough and distant, Mizumoto is also drawn in by Honma’s beautiful voice.

6) Other Days
Continuation of Please Whisper.

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