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Orangenia na Hibi by KUSAKA Takaaki [Eng]

Manga: Orangenia na Hibi; Merry Days; オレンジニアな日々
Author: KUSAKA Takaaki
Language: English

Plot: 1-3) Love is in the air for another Kunisaki brother as the school carnival approaches. Rehearsals have begun, and Satsuki is hungry. Jumping out of the window may be one way to get away, but his ever-vigilant watchdog, Kunisaki Yamaji, is soon there to bring him back. As rehearsals for the school carnival continue, someone seems to be out to sabotage the play and Satsuki. Can Yamaji protect his precious Satsuki? Does Satsuki really need protecting?

4) A one-shot that follows lovers Ginka and Kakei-senpai. Ginka and Kakei-senpai are both looking forward to their planned overnight trip during Golden Week, but Kakei-senpai doesn’t show up. No phone call, no message… Kakei-senpai is gone. What happened? What is Ginka supposed to do? Has this little uke been abandoned?

5-6) Mikami Yuusuke seems to be quite the gentleman, using his wealth and power to take care of many unfortunate men and women. Ichihashi Rui, a student in Mikami’s school of design, is one of those unfortunates. Now someone seems to be after Mikami, setting fire to his buildings and leaving “gifts” in Rui’s mailbox. Will Mikami be able to save Rui? Or will it be Rui who saves Mikami?

Karamete de Kudoite (Side Story)
Kimi ni Sachi Are! (Prequel)
Naturalist no Kare (Prequel)

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