A Villain's Circumstances Manhwa Cover
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A Villain’s Circumstances by Dokyeom – Ch. 28 [Eng]

Manhwa: A Villain’s Circumstances; A Villain’s Circumstances; Wicked Circumstances
Mangaka: Dokyeom / Mangmo / Geurim
Language: English

A Villain’s Circumstances Manhwa Plot: Kang Si-Woo was sent to prison due to an incident that happened in the past. After being released from prison, he ends up joining forces with Do Ji-Hyuk in order for him to seek revenge on Kang Ha-Joon who ruined his life. Kang Si-Woo has only one purpose in life and that is too… “Make Kang Ha-Joon feel the same way he did.’ However the more he tries to seek revenge, the more Kang Si-Woo gets caught up in the past, the past where he used to like Kang Ha-Joon and starts to feel self-doubt and guilt everyday. It’s getting more and more difficult…! He started to seek revenge to save his life, which was once destroyed by his ex-lover Kang Ha-Joon. Will he be able to succeed with his revenge plan, leaving the truth behind him and his feelings?

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