You Get Me Going Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

You Get Me Going by MOSCARETO/ Oh DoYeon [Eng]

Manhwa: You Get Me Going; You and I Can’t Be Like This; You and I Can’t Do This; You and I Are Incompatible
Mangaka: MOSCARETO/ Oh DoYeon
Language: English

You Get Me Going Manhwa Plot: He graduated early from the science department, acquired his PhD at a record speed, and is now a senior researcher making a large salary at a major company.

In other words, Go Youngwon is a pitiful engineering student that has never been outside his school or the lab.

Just like his name, he dreams about love and forever ever after. But, he’s actually a sucker for looks and falls in love quickly. Because of this bulldozer-like personality, he often gets dumped before he even starts dating.

Meanwhile, the guy he’s been stuck with lately is…
Kang Hyunwoo, a man of the same age, and who has the exact opposite temper, tastes, personality, and basically everything else.

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