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Yatamomo by Harada – Vol.01 [Eng]

Manga: Yatamomo – Volume 1
Author: Harada
Language: English

Plot: Momo is a useless, trashy, extremely bitchy guy with no ability to live on his own. Yata-chan is a caring, simple, and good at household chores type of guy. One day, the two meet at a public bathroom as Momo is in the middle of “taking care of post-business”, and from there on, Momo starts to take advantage of Yata-chan’s kindness by crashing at Yata-chan’s place. But as the useless Momo spends time with Yata-chan, he slowly begins to change…Then at that moment, Momo’s former patron appears! This is an erotic comedy! However, it also has sadness that will rip your heart out. A volume bursting with Harada World!

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