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Giocatore, Hokaku Keikaku by Kijima Hyougo [Eng]

Manga: Giocatore, Hokaku Keikaku; ジョカトーレ、捕獲計画。; 聯合國的捕獲計劃; To Capture a Giocatore; Un piano per catturare un giocatore
Author: Kijima Hyougo
Language: English

Plot: Story 1: To Capture a Giocatore
Something’s up with Soccer Club S’s Katou Sora! Even with his strong fighting spirit, Katou’s tough body and charisma meet their match when he collapsed in the middle of practice. Could it all have happened because of that ‘thing’ Katou’s kouhai used in his body while training?!

Story 2: Young Guys, Get Going!
Childhood friends seem to have gone in circles to avoid admitting their feelings to one another until an incident with the local cat.

Story 3: Brother Complex
Story 4: Last Minute Count 2.9!
Story 5: Lustful Music
Story 6: Yatsuromachi Cucumber Tenno Festival
Story 7: Weak Point Honey

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