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Viewfinder by Yamane Ayano – Part 1 [Eng]

Manga: Viewfinder – Part 1; Finder; Finder (YAMANE Ayano); Viewfinder (Yamane Ayano); Viewfinder Series; You’re My Loveprize in Viewfinder; Finder no Hyouteki; Finder no Ori; Finder no Sekiyoku; Finder no Ryoshuu; Finder no Shinjitsu; Finder no Netsujou; Finder no Katsubou; Finder no Mitsuyaku; 探索者系列
Author: Yamane Ayano
Language: English

Plot: While out on assignment trying to document the illegal activities of the Japanese underworld, photographer Takaba crosses paths with the dark and mysterious leader Asami. Asami takes Takaba captive in an attempt to subjugate and possess him. But when the son of the Chinese mafia enters demanding evidence that Takaba may have, will Takaba be able to survive being caught in the crosshairs of a deadly underworld feud?

And here, Takaba’s adventure, begins!

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