Yaoi Manga

Smyrna & Capri by Brothers Without A Tomorrow – Ch. 54 [Eng]

Manhwa: Smyrna & Capri; Symrna and Capri
Mangaka: Brothers Without A Tomorrow
Language: English

Smyrna & Capri Manhwa Plot: What if your sworn enemy holds the key to your future? Theo Peserus: an alpha of the mighty Peserus clan, called forth to provide the clan with a child. For a tree to bear fruit, a worthy Capri must be chosen to inseminate him. Seram Marita: a revolutionary army soldier hailing from the Langeres clan. Having escaped from his imprisonment, he now weaves through the maze-like halls of the Peserus castle, looking for a way out. But a tempting odor permeates the air and leads Seram straight to the enemy. Intoxicated on pheromones, the two adversaries are now engaged, not in a battle for their lives, but in a war of lust… What fruit will come to bear when these foes, this Smyrna and this Capri, become entangled in a decadence that they both cannot resist…?

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