Plaything The Toy of a Grand Duke
Yaoi Manga

Plaything: The Toy of a Grand Duke by Dalgadang/ TR/ Potion – SS5-Notice [Eng]

Manhwa: Plaything; Plaything: The Toy of a Grand Duke; Plaything: The Grand Duke’s Boytoy
Mangaka: Dalgadang/ TR/ Potion
Language: English

Plaything: The Toy of a Grand Duke Manhwa Plot: A robust and naive mercenary, Ilic, accidentally killed the son of the leader of his unit, who was after Ilic’s body. After he believed that he had successfully concealed his crime, Ilic received the summon of an unexpected individual. With flowing silver hair, the individual was the most handsome man Ilic had ever seen in his life- the Grand Duke of Miros. The duke is gracious enough to allow Ilic to keep his secret…as long as Ilic expresses his gratitude by begging the duke to bed him. And if Ilic refuses, his life may be endangered by his boss’s wrath. Now entirely at Sa-yan’s mercy, Ilic is forced to embark on an affair that involves much more than he bargained for: acts of indecency, political intrigue, and maybe even love.

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