Perfect World by FUWA Shinri - Vol.1
Yaoi Manga

Perfect World by FUWA Shinri – Vol.1 [Eng]

Manga: Perfect World – Volume 1
Author: FUWA Shinri
Language: English

Plot: Tamura Kouji, Naoya’s former co-worker from Yasashii Kankei, finally returns to Okayama to take over his father’s car business. Though he still has Naoya on his mind, his family and friends give him a warm welcome and invite him to a class reunion. There, he meets a man that looks strangely like the one who robbed him of his first love, and is just as disagreeable. But while bringing him home in a drunken stupor, Tamura realizes there may just be more to the man than he thinks.

Perfect World by FUWA Shinri – Vol.2 [Eng]
Yasashii Kankei (Prequel)

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