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The Boss in The Bedroom Manhwa
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The Boss in the Bedroom by Muscle Spoon – Ch. 26 [Eng]

Manhwa: The Boss in the Bedroom
Mangaka: Muscle Spoon
Language: English

The Boss in the Bedroom Manhwa Plot: Director Goo, leader of Sales team 3 at Yeong-rong Corporation, is very adamant about keeping his personal life and his private life separate. At the office, he’s a notoriously no-nonsense boss who can’t stand sloppy work, especially from employees who got into the company using personal connections. When he’s off the clock, he becomes Young-Jo; the college aged, regular customer at S&M lounge bar who loves being degraded and abused in the bedroom. On a night out, he hooks up with an alluring, extremely wealthy party boy who turns out to have sadistic sexual tendencies. After thoroughly enjoying a night filled with pain and pleasure, he returns to work the next day to find a nightmare situation awaiting him. Who knew the sales team 3 latest recruit would be the company CEO’s son. And to make matters worse, he’s the same man from the night before who had Young-jo crying out and moaning the word “hyung…”

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