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Ore, Higaisha by Kimura Hidesato – Ch. 4 [Eng]

Manga: Ore, Higaisha; I’m the victim; おれ、被害者
Artist: Kimura Hidesato
Language: English

Plot: A university student is threatened by an unknown old man. “I hate people like you! Your fate is to die,” said the man with an undisguised persecution complex. To escape this hurt, I’ll do only enjoyable things till my end! he argues, in his extreme desperation. In the midst of his delusions, the man propositions him, saying, “Do you want to have sex?” while he takes off his clothes. Then, little by little, he begins to find the suffering face of the man cute?! “Welcome home! The rice will be done in 30 minutes, so shall we have sex?” “You should hurry up and escape from here…!” Can love bloom in this lifestyle of confinement? An incredible five-chapter compilation by the one and only Kimura Hidesato!

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