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Omoisugoshi mo Koi no Uchi by YAMADA Sakurako [Eng]

Manga: Omoisugoshi mo Koi no Uchi
Author/ artist: YAMADA Sakurako
Language: English

Plot: 1-3) Omoi Sugoshi mo Koi no Uchi
Kishida and Hino met at a gay bar. While Hino’s a regular, Kishida was only there because he wanted to talk to someone who could help him understand his nephew who he thinks is gay. Even so, Hino finds himself falling for Kishida. Do Kishida’s smiles and blushes mean Hino can hope for something more than friendship?

4) Wagamama iu no mo Koi no Uchi
Sequel to ‘Omoi sugishi mo koi no uchi’, featuring Akio and Yoshinari.

5) Sukima
Story of a class president and his secret desires.

6) More Pain
A story about pain fetish.
Akira likes to inflict pain. Minami wants that pain and wishes Akira to be his master…

7) Eye
A two page short story of glasses and kissing.

8) Primrose
Young Jamie is having trouble adjusting to life with his mother’s new and much older husband. As well as life in a new town. Perhaps charming blond Ernest can help him understand the vagaries of love.

9) Shinpai suru no mo Koi no Uchi?
Akio’s raging jealousy is very flattering to Yoshinari’s ego. (sequel to Wagamama iu no mo Koi no Uchi)

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