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Miku to Neo by ANIYA Yuiji – Vol.01 [Eng]

Manga: Miku to Neo; Mic and Neo
Author: ANIYA Yuiji
Language: English

Plot: [Volume 1] A story about the impermanence of worldly things, containing domesticity, romance, and mystery. This is the lust and worldly desires volume.

Mic , a young man who had attempted suicide and lost all his memories, is found by the caretaker of the nearby Buddhist temple, Neo, who ends up taking him under his wing. At that moment, Neo discovers that Mic has a sling bag containing a huge sum of rolled-up bank notes…Until he gets back his memory, Mic becomes a freeloader at the temple, living his days without worry. However, Neo comes to discover Mic’s dark past… Aniya Yuiji’s new series! A BL with Buddhism and mystery!

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