Maou Lover by KINUTA Nana
Yaoi Manga

Maou Lover by KINUTA Nana [Eng]

Manga: Maou Lover; Devil King Lover; 魔王ラバー
Author: KINUTA Nana
Language: English

Plot: V.1 – Maou Lover
“Don’t show that face to anyone else except me”
Mao, the demon-king-like genius pro tennis player, and Hikaru, the S (sadist) and intellectual player, are rivals from when they were juniors!….. It was supposed to be like that but he always looks at me whether it’s during the game or not. Furthermore, suddenly asking me to go out on a date and even French-kiss me…! I can’t stop my heart from beating fast, could this be….. love !?


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