Beasts of Desire Manhwa
Yaoi Manga

Beasts of Desire by Matryo / Nire – Uncensored – Ch. 26 [Eng]

Manhwa: Beasts of Desire – Uncensored
Mangaka: Matryo, Nire
Language: English

Beasts of Desire Manhwa Plot: Power. Pleasure. Both can drive one’s humanity to its extremes. So when Jin Hyeon-jin, president of the prestigious Jinhwa Company, is suddenly found dead, his son Sihyeon can’t help but to question everyone around him. Most suspicious of all is Kang Seung-tae, a recent external hire who is shrouded in mystery; yet this cold and calculating figure may be Sihyeon’s only hope for discovering what really happened on that fateful night. And so, he proposes a deal… he will help Seung-tae become the successor to Jinhwa if the latter is able to get to the bottom of his father’s fateful demise. But words alone will not be enough to convince the enigmatic-yet-carnal Kang, who desires more: “You. Your life. Your everything. That is what you bring to the table.”

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