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Majin no Jousai by Ogasawara Uki [Eng]

Manga: Nightmare Fortress – Majin no Jousai; Majin no Jousai; Nightmare Fortress ~魔神の城塞~; Nightmare Fortress ~Majin no Jousai~; 魔神要塞
Author: Ogasawara Uki
Language: English

Plot: Main storyline: There is a kingdom on a island somewhere in the four seas. All was well until one day it was attacked by an army of Demons via Sodomy – and of course the Prince of this kingdom was taken prisoner by the Devil King. With his last strength, the Prince casts a spell that takes this island to another realm, making it invisible – so that this “carnage” is maintained. Our main two characters are the Princes #1 bodyguard, and the bodyguard’s protégé – so thus begins their quest to regain the kingdom, kill the demons, and save the Prince. But it won’t be that easy, cause watch out the Demons are always ready for a thorough tumble!

Volume 1 Extra – Kaneo-sama’s New School Term
Suehirouhji Kaneo, heir to a very noble family, transfers to a public high school with the ulterior motive of letting the “teachers have a taste of a humiliating kiss,” which usually ends up in the teacher being dismissed. Will the new teacher fall for Kaneo-sama’s charm/tricks?