Love Sex, Kiss by Sutei Tasuko
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Love Sex, Kiss by Sutei Tasuko [Eng]

Manga: Love Sex, Kiss
Author: Sutei Tasuko
Language: English

Plot: [A reprint collection of the influential cult mangaka’s previously published magazine works from a period between 1995 and 2002.]
An edgy, brash comedy about two high school boys, Michiro and Machizou, and their lover’s squabble

1) Dynamite Glamour (1995)
2) My Sweet Lover Boy (1995)
3) LOVE SEX, KISS (1997)
4) The Bells Rings with Bad Rhythm ~ A little oneshot about the past of Michiro and Machizou, face a major turning point of their friendship and relationship.
5) Red-Pizza Blues (1998) ~ revolves around members of a rock music band
6) Subway Melody (1999) ~ sequel of ‘Red-pizza Blues’
7) Sugar Fixx (vol. 1, 2002) ~ too much sugar spells an overdose and sex
8) Story of Apache Hoodlums

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