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Finger Stinger by Doppelgangers! [Eng]

Manga: Finger Stinger; フィンガースティンガー
Author: Doppelgangers!
Language: English

Plot: Collection of short stories including:

Finger Stinger
Hanzawa works at Hikarigaoka Massage Clinic which is often visited by the healthy college basketball player, Segawa Aki. One day, during a vigorous therapy session, Segawa suddenly got in the mood and attacked Hanzawa! They shouldn’t! Hanzawa didn’t want it! But he still got swept away by Segawa’s warm body…

He Virgo
Yoshiki is a 20 year old student, Sugita is a 33 year old salary man. When Yoshiki falls for Sugita who knows how things will progress? But Sugita is happy with this turn of events after having been constantly mistaken for a seme. But now the problem lies in the fact that Sugita gets so swept away during sex that he can’t remember anything about it later! Yoshiki proposes a possible solution to this problem.

Blaze The Trailer
Nagase one night stumbled drunkly into a park only to wake up the next morning snuggled up to a strange man in a truck no less. The man introduces himself as Takao and explains that Nagase had, the night previous, demanded that he travel with Takao for the three day road trip Takao needs to make for his work. How will things progress?

Cafe Anise
Takumi inherited a store but has no motivation to work there. Meanwhile Satake, Takumi’s lover keeps the store afloat by acting as its manager and trying to persuade the lazy Takumi to take an interest. One day, worrying that his demands and pampering are the cause of Takumi’s lack of motivation, he tells Takumi he wants to open his own store.

Considering what to do next a criminal stumbles across a wealthy looking house. He breaks in with the intent of stealing what he can. Seeing a man cooking dinner he threatens him and demands money, but the man is surprisingly calm. But when the burglar realizes the man before him is blind he takes advantage of the situation and rapes him. Staying at the house the burglar learns more about his ‘hostage’ – but wanted by the police how will things end?

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