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Koi wa Maiorita by AJIMINE Sakufu [Eng]

Manga: Koi wa Maiorita
Author: AJIMINE Sakufu
Language: English

1. Love Came Dancing Down + Extra
Even before he was born it had been decided that the heir of the Haku Family, Reion, would be betrothed to the youngest child of the Koku Family, Kaen. For his coming-of-age and wedding ceremony, Reion visits the House of the Koku Family. However, Reion was no longer the boy he first saw in pictures, but a man overflowing with confidence. Furthermore, Reion left the words “I am as appalled as you are about this wedding between two men.” – Blissful Sin

2. Oriental Gorgeous Legend – First Story
A young boy from the Sei family, the land neighboring Koku, wanders into the Forbidden Forest and discovers an injured man lying in the flowers. Both strangers are shocked at the appearance of the other – the young Sei boy, Renju, with violet eyes and black hair and the platinum-haired Katsuragi with sharp facial features. The two strike up an unlikely friendship, and Renju discovers that he is a rare person who can cross a barrier that surrounds the forest. The ancestors of the two families had feuded since long ago… but can Renju and Katsuragi endure the obstacles and keep their friendship?

3. Oriental Gorgeous Legend – Second Story + Extra
After catching a cold while waiting for Katsuragi and recovering on Katsuragi’s side of the barrier, Renju’s grandfather forbids him to leave the manor but soon collapses from the stress. Renju’s uncle returns to see how the two of them are doing, and ends up explaining everything to Renju… a complicated past that Renju and Katsuragi share. When Katsuragi suddenly appears on Renju’s side, things become even more complicated. Will the two finally be able to stay together?

4. Story of Love + Extra
Shion, Reion’s older brother, suddenly became the head of the Koku family when their eldest brother died. But for him, there was only one thing he wanted: to bring his old bodyguard Gii back to his side. Things take a bad turn when Gii refuses violently… but it seems that Shion might have a bit of a masochistic streak?

5. Flaw of Paradise + Extra
When Shou’s house was attacked by rebels, he watched his father be killed in front of his eyes… by the hand of his trusted companion Nachi. From that moment, Shou spent his days betrayed and raped in a small room, locked away from the world. His paradise had been taken away by the man he trusted the most.

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